Let’s Team Up!

Cooperation with selected partners makes our special service even more exclusive. Our VIP-Services at Frankfurt Airport enable guests to enjoy personalized luxury travel. And you, as a brand partner or travel agent, can play a key role in facilitating this exclusive service and the special experiences it delivers.

Brand Collaborations

Our VIP-Services let guests enjoy a personalized stay in a luxurious ambiance: private lounges and suites with personal service, enjoyable moments with exquisite food and beverages, premium cigars and whiskies, and convenient in-lounge shopping together transform traveling into a supremely comfortable experience. And we’re keen on combining this exclusivity and individuality with brand partnerships and placements. We offer you an extraordinary location for presenting your premium brand to guests with high expectations from around the world – something that you can only find at the airport.

Present your high-quality products in an exclusive ambiance.

Reach a demanding target group hailing from all over the world.

Strengthen awareness of your brand by partnering with the VIP-Services at Frankfurt Airport.

Impressions of other collaborations

Partner with Us as a Travel Agent

Treat your customers to a special luxury experience at Frankfurt Airport – by facilitating our VIP-Services. Travel bureaus and agents as well as intermediaries active in the travel sector can conveniently use an online form to register for the partner program. When booking the VIP-Services at Frankfurt Airport as a travel agent, you can also receive a discount by sending us biannual collective invoices.

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