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Experience personalized luxury at Frankfurt Airport: take advantage of our exclusive VIP-Services for arriving, departing, and transferring passengers. Enjoy outstanding comfort in a special ambiance while our professional VIP-Agents make sure your stay is perfect in every way. You can use our services at Frankfurt Airport independently of your airline and booking class.

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Your Wish Is Our Command.

Our friendly, competent VIP-Agents professionally look after you during your entire stay.

We welcome you right at the plane when you land or greet you at our VIP-Terminal’s drive-by. You can count on us to handle all important travel formalities so that you can enjoy a stress-free stay.

We escort you via routes  that avoid the crowds in the public terminal areas. You can enjoy the discretion you desire in our stylish lounges and suites. Our facility’s exclusive ambiance is ideal for relaxing in total comfort.

You are our number one priority. We personally look after you and make sure that your every wish is met. Our friendly, attentive VIP-Agents spare no effort to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant, carefree stay with us.

Count on It!

Our attentive staff are available to meet your wishes throughout your stay – don’t hesitate to ask us!

Personal support

Personal support

We personally tend to your wishes. Our polite, diligent VIP-Agents discreetly and professionally meet your requests.

Fine Cuisine

Fine Cuisine

We delight you with exquisite food and beverages: our catering service provides a wide selection of local and international culinary specialties.

Exquisite Carpool

Exquisite Carpool

Our large fleet of luxury limousines includes all major makes. We make sure that you pleasantly get to and from the planes.

In the Best of Hands.

Our exclusive VIP-Services handle your arrival, departure, and / or transfer at Frankfurt Airport while making sure that the experience is memorably pleasant and free of stress. Our VIP-Agents pick you up at the aircraft or VIP-Terminal, if wished in your choice of vehicle. While you enjoy your stay in our luxurious lounges and suites, our staff discreetly deal with all travel formalities such as checking your luggage and accompany you through the security check and onto the plane.

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