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An exceptional service is even more exclusive with outstanding partners. Our VIP services at Frankfurt Airport offer our guests an individual personal luxury experience when traveling. As a brand partner or travel agent, you can be a significant part of the exclusive service and exceptional experience.

Brand Cooperations

With our VIP-Services, our guests enjoy an individual stay in a luxurious setting. We make traveling as comfortable as possible with private lounges, dedicated service staff, exquisite food and beverages, premium cigars and whiskies, and even convenient in-lounge shopping. Our goal is to match this distinctive exclusivity with brand cooperations and placements. We offer you an extraordinary setting, with the kind of international and discerning guests who can only be found at a global airport hub, to showcase your exclusive brand.

Present your premium products in an exclusive setting.

Reach a global and discerning target audience.

Strengthen your brand awareness as a VIP service partner at Frankfurt Airport.

Impressions of previous Cooperations

Become a partner as a travel agent

Treat your customers to a memorable luxury experience at Frankfurt Airport - as a travel agent for our VIP-Services. Travel agencies and intermediaries working in the travel industry can easily register for the partner program via the online form. With twice yearly invoicing, travel agents receive a commission for bookings of our VIP-Services at Frankfurt Airport.

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